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Silenziatori Cilindirici/Spark Arrestor - Certificati ATEX

Standard Silencer Application

Exhaust Spark Arresting Silencer is designed for

use in potentially explosive Atmospheres Directive

94/9/EC. Extremely effective in removal of

potentially dangerous incandescent materials.

SSA-series Industrial Grade silencers provide 

sufficient degree of silencing to meet the

requirements of use in commercial or industrial

areas where ambient noise is relatively high.



Standard Construction Features

• Heavy duty 316 stainless steel construction

• Can be mounted vertically or horizontally

• 125/150# ANSI drilled plate flanges on inlet and discharge of silencer

• Easy access cleanout

• Reactive type silencer

• Type approved in accordance with EN 1834-1:2000, EN 1834-2:2000, EN 1834-3:2000

to comply with ATEX Directive (European Directive 94/9/EC) requirements.


Available attenuation:


  • CRITICAL GRADE (25-32dB)
  • HOSPITAL GRADE (32-38dB)









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